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1553 - Île Marcotte à/to Île D'Arcy - Sheet/Feuille 1 - New Edition - 31-MAR-2006 - NAD 1983

01-SEP-2023LNM/D. 14-APR-2023
Add red starboard hand lighted spar buoy, marked K42/2
(See Chart 1, Qb)
45°52′17.9″N 077°11′44.6″W

(B2023021) LL(7618.5) DFO(6605127-01)
14-APR-2023LNM/D. 04-SEP-2020
Delete light, marked Fl R
(See Chart 1, P1)
45°52′18.2″N 077°11′42.1″W

(B2023006) LL(1308) DFO(6605030-01)

1553 - Fort-William - Sheet/Feuille 2 - New Edition - 31-MAR-2006 - NAD 1983

08-FEB-2019LNM/D. 02-JAN-2009
Delete light Fl Y
(See Chart No. 1, P1)
45°57′04.3″N 077°16′22.6″W

(B2018010) LL(1309.5) DFO(6604503-01)
Add light Fl Y

45°57′04.3″N 077°16′22.6″W

(B2006077) LL(1309.5) DFO(6602867-01)

1553 - Île D'Arcy à/to Balmer Bay - Sheet/Feuille 2 - New Edition - 31-MAR-2006 - NAD 1983

04-SEP-2020LNM/D. 14-AUG-2020
Delete light Fl
(See Chart No. 1, P1)
45°55′49.3″N 077°15′23.6″W

(B2020039) LL(1310) DFO(6604683-01)
14-AUG-2020LNM/D. 08-FEB-2019
Replace red starboard hand spar buoy marked K66 with red starboard hand lighted spar buoy, FlR, marked K66
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)
45°56′28.2″N 077°16′29.4″W

(B2020027) LL(1310.4) DFO(6604669-01)
14-AUG-2020LNM/D. 08-FEB-2019
Add green port hand lighted Q G spar buoy, marked K65/1
(See Chart No. 1, Qg)
45°55′50.2″N 077°15′21.5″W

(B2020035) LL(1310.1) DFO(6604675-01)
14-AUG-2020LNM/D. 08-FEB-2019
Add red starboard hand spar buoy, marked K64
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)
45°56′13.6″N 077°15′58.9″W

(B2020032) DFO(6604679-01)
02-JAN-2009LNM/D. 16-FEB-2007
Affix patch

45°53′56.8″N 077°13′44.5″W


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