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7011 - Hudson Strait/Détroit D'Hudson to/à Groenland - New Edition - 02-SEP-1983 - Unknown

06-MAR-2009LNM/D. 09-FEB-2007
Add submarine cable
(See Chart No 1 L30.1)

joining 64°03′02.0″N 052°12′27.3″W
63°59′57.8″N 052°20′13.9″W
63°54′37.0″N 052°23′50.7″W
63°38′39.8″N 052°11′30.1″W
63°35′29.0″N 052°15′29.5″W
63°26′54.7″N 053°03′21.2″W
63°20′30.9″N 053°11′13.2″W
63°08′23.8″N 053°04′42.5″W
62°48′33.5″N 052°45′46.7″W
59°31′12.1″N 051°43′08.9″W
58°08′15.5″N 051°16′32.1″W
and 57°30′00.0″N 051°09′20.5″W

26-FEB-2010LNM/D. 25-DEC-2009
Add depth of 34 fathoms, within danger line
(See Chart No. 1, I10 & K1)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA176290
60°00′00.0″N 060°47′48.0″W

26-FEB-2010LNM/D. 25-DEC-2009
Add depth of 44 fathoms, within danger line
(See Chart No. 1, I10 & K1)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA176290
57°51′18.0″N 059°58′30.0″W

09-AUG-2013LNM/D. 26-FEB-2010
Amend Chart/Carte 4776 to read Chart/Carte 8046
(See Chart No 1 A18)

59°48′00.0″N 062°02′00.0″W

09-AUG-2013LNM/D. 26-FEB-2010
Amend Chart/Carte 4775 to read Chart/Carte 8047
(See Chart No 1 A18)

57°58′00.0″N 060°00′00.0″W

02-MAR-2001LNM/D. 29-JAN-1999
Add radar transponder beacon

60°45′51.0″N 047°34′12.0″W

13-AUG-2004LNM/D. 09-NOV-2001
Add depth of 2 fathoms, 5 feet

64°16′43.0″N 052°19′40.0″W

19-NOV-2004LNM/D. 13-AUG-2004
Delete circular radiobeacon RC

60°41′45.0″N 064°37′36.0″W

(D2004002) LL(2590) DFO(6602076-01)
24-MAR-2006LNM/D. 19-NOV-2004
Delete light Fl

62°32′00.0″N 070°34′00.0″W

(D2005108) LL(2559) DFO(6602627-01)
15-DEC-2006LNM/D. 24-MAR-2006
Delete light Fl

61°20′00.0″N 064°56′00.0″W

(D2006065) LL(2565) DFO(6602845-01)
09-FEB-2007LNM/D. 15-DEC-2006
Delete light Fl

60°41′30.0″N 064°38′00.0″W

(D2006087) LL(2590) DFO(6602855-01)
21-AUG-2009LNM/D. 06-MAR-2009
Add obstruction with known depth of 27fm
(See Chart No.1, K41)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA176290
60°36′31.7″N 052°25′03.4″W

25-DEC-2009LNM/D. 21-AUG-2009
Amend Diana Bay to read Quaqtaq

64°10′00.0″N 047°16′00.0″W

11-OCT-2019LNM/D. 09-AUG-2013
Add underwater rock of unknown depth, dangerous to surface navigation, Rep (2019)
(See Chart No. 1, K13)

62°33′30.0″N 050°26′12.0″W

21-FEB-2020LNM/D. 11-OCT-2019
Delete text ″Rep (2019)″
62°33′30.0″N 050°26′12.0″W

09-NOV-2001LNM/D. 02-MAR-2001
Add legend Aband

58°30′12.0″N 045°40′18.0″W


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