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6273 - North Manitou Island to/à Whiskey Jack Island - Sheet/Feuille 1 - New Edition - 24-JUN-2005 - Unknown

Delete green port hand spar buoy
(See Chart No. 1, Qg)

52°45′37.0″N 100°01′58.0″W

14-FEB-2014LNM/D. 15-JUN-2007
Delete light Fl
(See Chart No. 1, P1)
52°51′10.0″N 099°57′00.0″W

(A2013023) LL(1643) DFO(6603946-01)
14-FEB-2014LNM/D. 15-JUN-2007
Add red starboard hand lighted spar buoy FlR, marked JA10
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)
52°51′04.0″N 099°57′37.5″W

(A2013027) LL(1869.1) DFO(6603946-02)

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