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6110 - Northern Redgut Bay - Sheet/Feuille 1 - New Edition - 24-FEB-1989 - NAD 1927

Delete note

lower left margin of chart at longitude 92°59′ W

Add note

lower left corner of chart below the note which reads NEW EDITION/ NOUVELLE EDITION FEB/FEV. 24 1989 or the note which reads REPRINT/REIMPRESSION DEC /DEC. 15 1995

30-JUN-2006LNM/D. 29-SEP-2000
Add submarine cable

joining 48°47′38.4″N 092°52′20.0″W
48°47′30.0″N 092°52′23.0″W
48°47′22.6″N 092°52′22.0″W
48°47′14.5″N 092°52′19.0″W
48°47′12.7″N 092°52′18.0″W
48°47′12.0″N 092°52′17.0″W
and 48°47′11.4″N 092°52′15.0″W


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