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7512 - Arctic Bay - New Chart - 05-JUL-1985 - Unknown
28-SEP-2012 or 2012-SEP-28
LNM/D. 16-DEC-2011 or 2011-DEC-16
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replaces the Arctic Bay inset


7512 - Nanisivik - New Chart - 05-JUL-1985 - Unknown
31-MAR-2000 or 2000-MAR-31
Amend 3.8 metres to read 5.8 metres

73°04′11.6″N 084°32′47.5″W


7512 - Strathcona Sound and/et Adams Sound - New Chart - 05-JUL-1985 - Unknown
16-DEC-2011 or 2011-DEC-16
LNM/D. 31-MAR-2000 or 2000-MAR-31
Delete radar reflector
(See Chart No. 1, S4)

73°08′31.0″N 085°23′44.0″W