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6453 - Mackenzie River / Fleuve Mackenzie (Kilometre / Kilomètre 58-90) - New Edition - 25-JAN-2008 - NAD 1983
23-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-23
Delete green port hand lighted pillar buoy Q G
(See Chart No. 1, Qg)

61°15′57.0″N 117°31′33.0″W

(A2010005) LL(1722.8) DFO(6603602-01)

23-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-23
Delete red starboard hand lighted pillar buoy Q R
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)

61°15′49.5″N 117°31′35.0″W

(A2010004) LL(1722.7) DFO(6603602-02)