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6429 - Kilometre/Kilomètre 1580 - 1645 including/y compris East Channel, Inuvik to/à Kilometre/Kilomètre 1645 - New Edition - 27-FEB-2009 - NAD 1983
05-FEB-2016 or 2016-FEB-05
Delete front leading beacon (See Chart No. 1, Q120)
68°24′39.0″N 134°04′41.0″W


05-FEB-2016 or 2016-FEB-05
Delete rear leading beacon and unusable portion of the leading line
(See Chart No. 1, Q120)
68°24′37.0″N 134°04′19.0″W


05-FEB-2016 or 2016-FEB-05
Add port hand daybeacon
(See Chart No. 1, Qt)
68°24′44.0″N 134°04′18.0″W