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6409 - Rabbitskin River to Fort Simpson (Kilometre 300 to Killometre 330) - New Edition - 31-DEC-2010 - NAD 1983
14-FEB-2014 or 2014-FEB-14
Delete Front and rear leading beacons and ″RAM″ (See Chart No. 1, Q120) 61°50′09.0″N 121°08′00.0″W

(A2013012) DFO(6603943-01)

14-FEB-2014 or 2014-FEB-14
Delete unusable portion of leading line
(See Chart No. 1, M1)
61°50′09.0″N 121°08′00.0″W
61°50′19.0″N 121°09′09.0″W