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6112 - Rainy Lake/Lac à la pluie Southeast Portion/Partie sud-est Anchor Islands to/à Oakpoint Island - Sheet/Feuille 1 - New Edition - 27-MAY-2005 - NAD 1983
21-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-21
LNM/D. 14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
Add green port hand spar buoy, marked E33

48°35′30.0″N 092°51′34.0″W

(D2008002) DFO(6603165-01)

14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
Add legend EM11 against green port hand spar buoy

48°30′26.6″N 092°37′53.4″W

(D2008003) DFO(6603166-01)

14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
Reposition red starboard hand spar buoy, marked EP2

48°29′50.6″N 092°37′15.5″W
48°29′56.0″N 092°37′12.5″W

(D2008004) DFO(6603167-01)

14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
Amend legend E49 to read E53 against green port hand spar buoy

48°29′52.0″N 092°37′52.4″W

(D2008005) DFO(6603168-01)