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5455 - Kimmirut and Approaches/et les Approches - New Edition - 13-JUN-2003 - NAD 1983
28-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-28
Delete coastline with elevation of 7 feet
(Replace buff fill with green fill)

Island now dries and is part of the shelving rock.
62°44′00.0″N 069°42′41.0″W


28-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-28
Replace portion of shelving rock with coastline with elevation of 18 feet
(Replace green fill with buff fill)
Portion of drying area charted is always dry and should be an island. Use positions given to define boundary of island within the drying area.
62°43′55.5″N 069°43′36.5″W
62°43′54.5″N 069°43′34.0″W
62°43′53.5″N 069°43′32.0″W
62°43′51.7″N 069°43′29.0″W
62°43′50.0″N 069°43′27.5″W
62°43′49.5″N 069°43′29.9″W
62°43′50.5″N 069°43′31.3″W
62°43′51.7″N 069°43′33.0″W
62°43′53.0″N 069°43′35.5″W
62°43′53.8″N 069°43′37.0″W