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4680 - Hawkes Bay to/à Ste Geneviève Bay including/y compris St. John Bay - New Edition - 07-NOV-2003 - NAD 1983
03-OCT-2014 or 2014-OCT-03
LNM/D. 31-DEC-2010 or 2010-DEC-31
Delete Fog Signal Fog Sig
(See Chart No. 1, R1)
50°43′48.8″N 057°20′42.4″W

(N2014045) LL(211.4) DFO(6306847-01)

31-DEC-2010 or 2010-DEC-31
LNM/D. 29-OCT-2010 or 2010-OCT-29
Add light FlG
(See Chart No. 1 P1)

51°03′10.2″N 056°56′06.5″W

(N2010065) LL(215.99) DFO(6305032-01)

29-OCT-2010 or 2010-OCT-29
LNM/D. 30-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-30
Add light Fl G
(See Chart No. 1 P1)

50°55′54.0″N 056°56′36.0″W

(N2010047) LL(221.32) DFO(6305033-01)

30-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-30
LNM/D. 14-SEP-2007 or 2007-SEP-14
Amend Fl 5s 96ft to read Fl 5s 96ft 15M against light
(See Chart No 1 P16)

50°41′54.6″N 057°24′36.8″W

LL(211) DFO(6304958-01)

14-SEP-2007 or 2007-SEP-14
LNM/D. 22-JUL-2005 or 2005-JUL-22
Delete depth of 15 fathoms

51°06′00.0″N 057°09′51.0″W


22-JUL-2005 or 2005-JUL-22
LNM/D. 21-JAN-2005 or 2005-JAN-21
Add green port hand lighted spar buoy FlG, marked XFF1

51°04′21.0″N 056°54′26.4″W

(N2005027) LL(216.9) DFO(6302327-01)

21-JAN-2005 or 2005-JAN-21
Delete front range light

51°04′21.0″N 056°53′23.0″W

(N2004202) LL(217) DFO(6302153-01)

21-JAN-2005 or 2005-JAN-21
Delete rear range light and legend ″2Lts FG″

51°04′21.0″N 056°53′19.0″W

(N2004203) LL(218) DFO(6302153-02)

21-JAN-2005 or 2005-JAN-21
Delete leading line and legend ″090º 270º″

51°04′21.0″N 056°53′19.0″W
51°04′21.0″N 056°57′45.0″W

LL(217) DFO(6302153-03)