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4663 - Cow Head to/à Pointe Riche - New Edition - 01-AUG-2003 - NAD 1983
03-OCT-2014 or 2014-OCT-03
LNM/D. 22-JUN-2012 or 2012-JUN-22
Delete Fog Signal Fog Sig 30 sec
(See Chart No. 1, R1)
50°43′48.8″N 057°20′42.4″W

(N2014045) LL(211.4) DFO(6306847-01)

22-JUN-2012 or 2012-JUN-22
LNM/D. 30-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-30
Add red starboard hand lighted spar buoy FlR, marked XDH2
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)

50°14′33.6″N 057°35′16.3″W

(N2012009) LL(207.2) DFO(6306027-01)

30-JUL-2010 or 2010-JUL-30
LNM/D. 07-AUG-2009 or 2009-AUG-07
Amend Fl 5s 96ft to read Fl 5s 96ft 15M against light
(See Chart No 1 P16)

50°41′54.6″N 057°24′36.8″W

LL(211) DFO(6304958-01)

07-AUG-2009 or 2009-AUG-07
LNM/D. 21-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-21
Delete light Fl 6s 54ft
(See Chart No 1 P1)

50°14′28.0″N 057°35′20.0″W

(N2009016) LL(207) DFO(6304431-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA276138
21-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-21
LNM/D. 14-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-14
Amend Fl 15s 108ft 8M to read Fl 15s 108ft 17M against light
(See Chart No 1 P16)

50°37′58.9″N 057°19′19.9″W

LL(208.0) DFO(6304132-01)

14-NOV-2008 or 2008-NOV-14
LNM/D. 26-OCT-2007 or 2007-OCT-26
Add note:
See Sailing Directions
Voir Instructions nautiques

49°53′54.0″N 057°46′30.0″W


26-OCT-2007 or 2007-OCT-26
Add green port hand lighted spar buoy FlG, marked XPP1
(See Chart No 1 Section Q 24.)

50°02′02.5″N 057°42′50.9″W

(N2007036) LL(203.2) DFO(6303629-01)

26-OCT-2007 or 2007-OCT-26
Add red starboard hand lighted spar buoy FlR, marked XPP2
(See Chart No 1 Section Q 24.)

50°02′01.4″N 057°42′51.2″W

(N2007037) LL(203.1) DFO(6303630-01)