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4515 - Hare Bay - New Edition - 20-NOV-1998 - NAD 1983
30-APR-2010 or 2010-APR-30
LNM/D. 16-JAN-2009 or 2009-JAN-16
Amend Adjoining Chart/Carte adjacente 4510 to read Adjoining Chart/Carte adjacente 4822
(See Chart No 1 A20)

centre of east border of the chart


16-JAN-2009 or 2009-JAN-16
LNM/D. 21-SEP-2007 or 2007-SEP-21
Add depth of 26 fathoms
(See Chart No. 1, I10)

51°13′51.4″N 055°32′50.9″W


This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA376094
21-SEP-2007 or 2007-SEP-21
Amend FR to read FlR against light

51°10′10.2″N 055°59′48.1″W

(N2007025) LL(246) DFO(6303584-01)