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4511 - Sacred Bay - New Edition - 20-DEC-2002 - NAD 1983
19-SEP-2008 or 2008-SEP-19
LNM/D. 04-APR-2003 or 2003-APR-04
Reposition red starboard hand lighted spar buoy FlR, marked XM4
(See Chart No 1 Qf)

51°36′18.0″N 055°31′38.1″W
51°36′18.0″N 055°31′34.2″W

(N2008016) LL(235.6) DFO(6303997-01)

04-APR-2003 or 2003-APR-04
Replace red, starboard hand spar buoy, marked XM4 with red starboard hand spar light buoy FlR, marked XM4

51°36′18.2″N 055°31′38.3″W

(N2001121) LL(235.6) DFO(6829722-02)