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4464 - Chéticamp to/à Cape St. Lawrence - New Edition - 10-JAN-2003 - NAD 1983
10-FEB-2012 or 2012-FEB-10
LNM/D. 24-APR-2009 or 2009-APR-24
Delete legend Fog Sig 30s against light
(See Chart No. 1, R1, R20)

46°38′58.4″N 061°01′35.2″W

(G2012002) LL(867) DFO(6305909-01)

24-APR-2009 or 2009-APR-24
LNM/D. 14-DEC-2007 or 2007-DEC-14
Amend FR to read QR against light
(See Chart No 1 P16)

46°49′59.1″N 060°47′50.6″W

(G2009012) LL(860.9) DFO(6304320-01)

14-DEC-2007 or 2007-DEC-14
LNM/D. 06-JAN-2006 or 2006-JAN-06
Delete light Fl 6s 34ft 13M
(See Chart No 1 P16)

46°49′57.1″N 060°47′48.5″W

(G2007155) LL(860.8) DFO(6303666-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA276271
06-JAN-2006 or 2006-JAN-06
LNM/D. 27-AUG-2004 or 2004-AUG-27
Amend ″Fl 12s 92ft 8M″ to read ″LFl 12s 88ft 7M″ against light

47°02′28.7″N 060°35′52.7″W

(G2005168) LL(860) DFO(6302620-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA179172
27-AUG-2004 or 2004-AUG-27
Amend FY to read FlR against light

46°36′10.5″N 061°03′11.3″W

(G2004137) LL(868) DFO(6301774-01)