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3733 - Catala Passage - New Chart - 30-AUG-2002 - NAD 1983
25-JUN-2004 or 2004-JUN-25
LNM/D. 02-MAY-2003 or 2003-MAY-02
Add Adjoining Chart/Carte adjacente 3938

outside south border at 128° 38′ 30″W


02-MAY-2003 or 2003-MAY-02
LNM/D. 14-FEB-2003 or 2003-FEB-14
Delete Fog Sig(2)60s

52°15′41.2″N 128°43′18.4″W

(P2003033) LL(619) DFO(6200535-11)

14-FEB-2003 or 2003-FEB-14
Delete radiobeacon marked RC

52°15′41.2″N 128°43′18.5″W