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2267 - Great Duck Island to/à False Detour Passage - Sheet/Feuille 1 - New Chart - 22-JUN-1984 - NAD 1927
12-DEC-2008 or 2008-DEC-12
LNM/D. 28-FEB-2003 or 2003-FEB-28
Amend legend Fl (3) 15s 33m to read Fl 10s 33m against light
(See Chart No. 1, P16)

45°38′33.0″N 082°57′47.0″W

(D2008034) LL(812) DFO(6603319-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA273095
28-FEB-2003 or 2003-FEB-28
LNM/D. 08-FEB-2002 or 2002-FEB-08
Amend Iso 4s 20m 10M to read Iso 4s 14m 13M against light

45°53′30.0″N 083°13′33.0″W

(D2002062) LL(813) DFO(6600747-01)

08-FEB-2002 or 2002-FEB-08
LNM/D. 26-JUN-1998 or 1998-JUN-26
Reposition yellow and black, South cardinal spar buoy, marked JTC

45°48′53.0″N 083°19′48.0″W
45°48′45.5″N 083°19′43.0″W

(D2001176) DFO(6600111-01)