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2223 - Port McNicoll and/et Victoria Harbour - New Chart - 13-APR-1984 - NAD 1927
04-AUG-2006 or 2006-AUG-04
LNM/D. 09-APR-2004 or 2004-APR-09
Delete seaplane anchorage symbol

44°45′09.1″N 079°46′39.5″W


09-APR-2004 or 2004-APR-09
LNM/D. 09-JAN-2004 or 2004-JAN-09
Replace green port hand pillar light buoy Fl G, marked MV1 with green port hand spar light buoy Fl G, marked MV1

44°45′10.5″N 079°47′12.0″W

(D2003179) LL(884) DFO(6601832-01)

09-JAN-2004 or 2004-JAN-09
LNM/D. 20-APR-2001 or 2001-APR-20
Add red starboard hand spar light buoy FlR, marked MM4

44°46′31.3″N 079°48′06.8″W

(D2003117) LL(883) DFO(6601021-02)

20-APR-2001 or 2001-APR-20
LNM/D. 25-FEB-2000 or 2000-FEB-25
Delete note ″GENERAL INFORMATION / INFORMATION GÉNÉRALE″ and all paragraphs down to and including ″Marinas / Marinas″
Only note entitled ″WARNING / AVERTISSEMENT″, in magenta, concerning cables remains in effect.
below photograph of Port McNicoll and / et Victoria Harbour


25-FEB-2000 or 2000-FEB-25
LNM/D. 30-OCT-1998 or 1998-OCT-30
Add R
On certain copies rock symbol has been removed accidentally.
44°44′58.8″N 079°47′57.2″W