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1437 - Summerland Group to/à Grindstone Island - New Edition - 20-JUL-2007 - NAD 1983
19-FEB-2016 or 2016-FEB-19
LNM/D. 02-MAY-2008 or 2008-MAY-02
Add red starboard hand spar buoy marked HV2/2
(See Chart No. 1, Qf)
44°21′46.8″N 075°59′49.5″W

(B2015006) DFO(6604192-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA473034
02-MAY-2008 or 2008-MAY-02
LNM/D. 14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
Replace private lighted spar buoy marked F R with private red starboard hand lighted spar buoy marked Fl R

44°19′20.5″N 075°56′13.0″W

LL(1386) DFO(6603195-01)

This notice affects Electronic Navigational Chart: CA473034
14-MAR-2008 or 2008-MAR-14
LNM/D. 28-DEC-2007 or 2007-DEC-28
Amend legend Fl Y (Priv) to read Fl Y 2s (Priv) against light
(See Chart No.1, P16)

44°20′06.5″N 075°55′18.0″W

LL(1353) DFO(6603176-01)

28-DEC-2007 or 2007-DEC-28
Add submarine power cable
(See Chart No. 1, L31.1)

44°23′55.8″N 075°49′51.9″W
44°23′59.9″N 075°49′48.9″W